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Mystical Eye Dust - Ganesha

Mystical Eye Dust - Ganesha

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Color description: Super sparkly mineral pigment in silver with multi-color shimmer.

About the Mystical Ganesha: The god of good fortune and wisdom, is one of the most popular Hindu deities. People call upon him at the beginning of any task, because his blessing supposedly ensures success. Ganesha is portrayed as a short man with a pot belly, four hands, and an elephant's head with one tusk. He is the son of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, and his wife, Parvati.

How to Use: Apply Stick It! eye primer to get a more dramatic effect or use Eyeliner Seal to create liquid eyeliner. Can be applied to eyes, lips & face.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it!

I love this so much! I was worried it would be too much. Too hard to apply, too flashy, etc but in reality it’s too perfect! I use it over matte eye shadows to make them shimmer and sparkle. It’s very subtle and not too crazy which is exactly what I was going for! Though I’m sure you could apply it differently for more boldness if you wanted. I think I’m going to start using it outside of my eyelids! Maybe mixed with some foundation for a highlighter. Or a little on my décolletage, the possibilities are endless with this versatile product!

Perfect Shimmer

Loose eyeshadow like this makes me nervous because I tend to get it all over my face and it's usually too sparkly once on. This was a whole different story my dudes. Went from brush to eyelid and freaking stayed. AND it is the perfect silver shimmer for a night out. I've used this every weekend since I got it. Thank you!

April Sulwer
Perfect Final Touch

Love the ease to apply this dust to the eyeshadow blend of my choice. The color tone of this dust matches anything and because of how easy it goes, creates a classic yet romantic final touch.

Emiko Noire

I love the color and texture! Can't wait to try some others!

Daun Fox
Beautiful and smooth

I love this eye dust! This came in my beauty box. It went on smoothly and with no fallout. The color goes beautifully with any shade and gives a perfect lid highlight. I received many compliments on my eyes while wearing it. I will be buying all the eye dusts!