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model wearing uv neon makeup under a blacklight

Electrifying and Eye-Catching

Light up the night and steal the spotlight like never before with uv neon pigments.

More To Know


Is this product FDA approved?
This product is not FDA approved for eyes or lips, however it is approved in the UK and EU for eyes and lips. Please patch test at your discretion.

Does the neon pigment glow in the dark?
The Neon Pigments glow under UV black lights! They're perfect for clubs, raves, and neon parties of all kinds.

Can I buy all 6 together?
Yes! We offer a full set, so you can complete the neon rainbow looks of your dreams!

How should I remove the neon pigment?
To remove neon pigment eye makeup, start by using a makeup wipe or a cotton pad soaked in a micellar water or oil-based makeup remover. Our Makeup Remover works great for this! Gently sweep it over your eyelids and under your eyes to dissolve and lift the neon pigment, ensuring all traces are gone before cleansing the rest of your face.

Why You Need It

Vibrant and Eye-Catching Colors: Medusa's Makeup UV neon pigments are known for their exceptionally bright and vivid colors. These neon shades are perfect for creating attention-grabbing makeup looks that stand out in any setting.

Blacklight Reactive: These pigments are specifically designed to be blacklight reactive, which means they glow under UV or blacklight. This feature makes them ideal for events, parties, concerts, and nightlife, where customers want their makeup to shine in low-light environments.

Versatility: UV neon pigments are versatile and can be used creatively for a variety of makeup looks, from bold and dramatic to artistic and avant-garde.

Customization: Customers can mix and match different neon pigments to create unique and customized shades, allowing for endless creativity in their makeup looks.

Special Occasions: UV neon pigments are particularly popular for special occasions like music festivals, raves, costume parties, or themed events where customers want to make a memorable and dramatic impact with their makeup.

Artistic Expression: These pigments are favored by makeup artists and enthusiasts for their ability to facilitate artistic expression and experimentation with makeup.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan: For customers who prioritize ethical and cruelty-free beauty products, Medusa's Makeup offers UV neon pigments that align with their values.

Quality and Trust: Medusa's Makeup is a reputable brand known for its commitment to quality and unique cosmetic offerings. Customers who trust the brand may be more inclined to try their UV neon pigment makeup product.

Social Media and Photography: UV neon makeup often looks stunning in photos and on social media platforms. Customers who enjoy sharing their makeup looks or attending events where photos are taken can benefit from this product's visual impact.

Fun and Playful: UV neon pigments add an element of fun and playfulness to makeup routines. They allow customers to step outside their comfort zones and experiment with bold and exciting looks.

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UV Neon Makeup

Add excitement to boring makeup...

Add excitement to boring makeup with our amazing neon pigments. Fluorescent neon pigment makeup is black light reactive. Its works great for clubs and parties with UV light. Great for 5k Neon Fun Runs! Introducing our UV blacklight neon makeup pigment - the perfect way to stand out at any party or event.

Our neon pigments are specially formulated to glow brightly under UV light, creating a bold and vibrant look. These pigments can be mixed with your favorite makeup products to create a custom neon look that is sure to turn heads. Whether you're looking to create a subtle pop of color or a full-on neon statement, our UV blacklight neon makeup pigments are the perfect addition to your makeup collection.

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model wearing uv neon makeup under a black light