Eye Dust Shimmer Eyeshadow


It’s easy to shine with one of our ultra-shimmering loose pigment shadow powders that can be used on eyes, lips, and face. These finely-milled mineral eyeshadows are high-impact, long-lasting, and a little addictive. With 48 vibrant shades you may need to collect them all!


Shimmering eye dust is one of our most popular products. It’s easy to see why everyone’s in love with this dazzling mineral eye shadow. With a superfine, powder sugar-like texture, it’s the best in the industry. We’re serious. It glides on like silk and stays put all day. Like everything else here at Medusa’s Makeup, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

When you wear Medusa’s eye dust, you’ll find it has a wonderful finish and incredible staying power. Whether you need sparkle for cheer, dance, or just living your best life, our unicorn dust gets it done.

Each of our high pigment colors has its own characteristics. Some are iridescent. Some sparkle like a diamond. Some are simply a shimmering delight. And if the sparkle wasn’t enough, the formula is so creamy and easy to blend, you’ll be shook.

Have you been searching for hard-to-find shades like a true copper or gold? Girl, we got you! Try best-selling colors like Penny Wise and Golden Boy. You’d be a fool not to.  With over 48 gorgeous colors to choose from, why bother deciding? Collect them all.

Are you a drama queen? Do you want to shine even brighter than a diamond? We recommend using our "stick-it" eye primer for an even more dramatic look.