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Indulge in the Enchantment

Introducing Witch Lash Vegan Mascara, a must-have for anyone seeking long, voluminous lashes without compromising their vegan lifestyle. Gentle, non-irritating formula is suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses.

Witch Lash Mascara, Why you need it!

Have you been on the hunt for a cruelty-free, vegan mascara that
actually works? We were too. We couldn’t find what we wanted. So, we put on our big girl pants and created it.

Our lengthening and volumizing mascaras will open your eyes to a whole new world. Our flake-free formula won’t smudge--even if you wear it for 12 hours. It completely coats your lashes for the ultimate flirty, fluttery look. Dare we say this is the holy grail of mascaras, whether you’re 15 or 50.
Our smudge-proof, budge-proof vegan mascara looks great on everybody.

Looking for something even more dramatic than long, voluminous lashes? Try our colorful vegan mascaras in electric blue or twilight navy.

And if you have sensitive lids, our non-irritating mascara is perfect. Our gentle product won’t burn, itch, or bother your delicate eye area. It’s
the best mascara for contact lens wearers too.

When you’re ready to take it all off, use our vegan eye makeup remover.
Our pina colada mascara melt hydrates and cleanses your eye area. And just like our mascara, it works well with sensitive skin beauties.

No clumping. No flakes. No cruelty. No animal products. For pure lash drama, try Medusa’s Vegan Mascara.

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