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Lunar Tides Hair Dye - Juniper Green

Lunar Tides Hair Dye - Juniper Green

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Dark and luscious, our deep colors feature velvet tones that are highly pigmented to last long and create richer tones. 

Juniper Green is a one-of-a-kind dark green hair dye with black undertones.

* This is a semi-permanent green hair dye
* Lunar Tides dyes are non-damaging and do not require developer.
* All Lunar Tides dyes are vegan & cruelty-free!
* Each bottle contains 4 oz. of hair dye
* All colored hair dyes require light blonde or platinum hair prior to application
* Using a tint brush is recommended for even application

Lunar Tides shades appear different in the bottle than they do on the hair. Please do a strand test before doing an all-over application.

*Model @wildwood_fae

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Was amazingly easy to use. And colored great

Love it!!

The darkest green hair colour I could find! I bought 3 containers expecting I'd need at least two for coverage and only used one. It's a lovely, deep green, smells nice, and I love how it slowly fades from my hair. It keeps a beautiful deep green throughout washes.

Will buy again!

Kayta Fondeur
Lustrous Green

I’ve been using the Juniper Green for a couple of years now and I love it! I’ve yet to find another brand that makes a green as dark and velvety as Lunar Tides. It smells great and it doesn’t damage my hair, so I highly recommend!

Long lasting and nice fade out

I have shorter hair and like to dye it by myself for the past 5 years. One jar lasted me almost 6 months (while letting it fade out for a bit) when it fades it became a nice and bright mint green, similar to the beetle color, which I always believe is an added benefit. Other name brands (cough manic cough) did not fade as nicely as this one did.

Amanda Richards-LeFevre
Very Bright

The color is extremely vibrant and a lot lighter then I was expecting. We did lighten my hair quite a bit but still pretty surprised by the color.

My friend that did it said the dye is the perfect consistency and that she will be ordering it for herself