Manic Panic Vegan Hair Dye

Manic Panic cruelty free and vegan hair dye

Vegan and cruelty free since 1977

Manic Panic is the trailblazing beauty brand that started the vivid hair color revolution in the USA over 4 decades ago. Manic Panic's mission has been to share their rainbow vision of Peace, Love and Glamour throughout the universe while staying true to their core beliefs.

Cotton Candy pink
Neon Cotton Candy Pink is a lovely, bright cool-toned pink hair dye. This shade also glows under a black light.
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Manic Panic's Mission Statement

Charitable before it was lit, we donate as much as possible every year (a minimum of 15% of our net profits!) to various charities including BCRF, True Colors United and The World Wildlife Fund. #DyeForPeace

We never compromise. You can always expect the highest quality and integrity from anything that bears the Manic Panic name.

For 43 years, Manic Panic has been fiercely and independently women owned and operated by founders/sisters/singers/philanthropists Tish & Snooky Bellomo. #TishAndSnooky

From its glam, punk, and rock roots to its iconic position today in pop culture and fashion, the original Badass Beauty Brand invites everyone to unleash your inner rainbow.