Makeup Setting Spray

For all you gorgeous gals who need to slay all day, try Medusa’s Makeup face setting spray. This cruelty-free, vegan setting spray keeps your makeup in check. With its light floral smell, you’ll feel like you’re at a garden party even when you’re about to get lit at the club.

Unlike those other sprays, Medusa’s isn’t sticky. It’s light. It’s quick-drying too. Our vegan makeup setting spray will keep your beat face for up to 14 hours.

Our setting spray is in perfectly designed packaging. The nozzle releases the exact amount of spray needed to lock in your look.

Don’t believe us? Check what Medusa’s Mavens have to say about our setting spray:

“I wish I could buy this by the gallon”.
“I have finally found the perfect setting spray”.
“This is the only setting spray I’ll be using from now on”.
“I have sensitive skin and this is now my go-to spray”.
“This spray has become my ride or die”.

Spray and slay, darling!