woman with her hair in a towel and glittery makeup with a red lipstick

Unleash Your Creativity: Fun Pre-Shower Makeup Looks to Try

Who said makeup has to wait until after the shower? Break the beauty norms and bring some excitement to your pre-shower routine with these fun and playful makeup looks. Whether you're looking to experiment with colors, embrace bold statements, or simply enjoy the creative process, these pre-shower makeup looks are sure to add a splash of fun to your beauty regimen. Why not try something new when the stakes are so low? Wash it right off!

1. Watercolor Wonder:

Channel your inner artist with a watercolor-inspired makeup look. Choose a variety of pastel eyeshadows and apply them in a painterly fashion on your eyelids. Blend the colors seamlessly for a dreamy and ethereal effect. Don't forget to add a touch of shimmer for that extra pop. This look is not only creative but also easily washes away, making it perfect for your pre-shower makeup adventures.


2. Rainbow Delight:

Bring the rainbow to your face with a vibrant and playful rainbow makeup look. Use a variety of colorful eyeliners or eyeshadows to create a stunning rainbow across your eyelids. You can also experiment with rainbow-colored mascara for a whimsical touch. This look is a guaranteed mood lifter and will have you smiling even before stepping into the shower.

3. Glitter Galore:

If you love a touch of sparkle, a glitter-centric pre-shower makeup look is the way to go. Apply a glitter primer on your eyelids and carefully press your favorite glitter onto the lids. You can go for a subtle shimmer or full-on sparkle, depending on your mood. Remember, the shower will wash away the glitter, so feel free to embrace the glam without worrying about cleanup. Check out our huge array of glitters here for all your pre-shower makeup needs.

4. Graphic Liner Fun:

Experiment with bold and graphic eyeliners to create eye-catching designs. Whether it's geometric shapes, bold wings, or quirky patterns, let your creativity run wild. Use colorful eyeliners or stick to classic black for a striking contrast. The best part? It's easy to wipe away any mistakes and start anew before stepping into the shower.

5. Temporary Tattoo Chic:

Create a temporary tattoo effect using eyeliner or face paint. Draw delicate designs on your face, neck, or even collarbones for a bohemian and playful look. This pre-shower makeup idea allows you to express your artistic side without the commitment of permanent ink.


Your pre-shower routine just got a whole lot more exciting with these fun and inventive makeup looks. Embrace the freedom to experiment, play with colors, and express your creativity without the worry of long-lasting effects. These looks are not only a delightful way to start your day but also a reminder that makeup is an art form meant to be enjoyed at every step of your beauty routine. So, grab your makeup brushes, let your imagination run wild, and have some fun before you step into the shower!

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