Model @aonanafails on Instagram wearing Lunar Tides Juniper Green hair dye.

Juniper Green is THE Hair Color for 2023

Juniper Green is THE Hair Color for 2023

Looking for a fun and fresh way to change up your look? You should consider dying your hair! And may we recommend our fave, Juniper Green? This dark and luscious color by Lunar Tides is unique and eye-catching, which makes it a great way to show your personality. Lunar Tides hair dye doesn't require a developer, so it's easy peasy to apply! Lunar Tides hair dye is semi-permanent, so it’s a great way to experiment with color without making a long-term commitment. Everything at Medusa's Makeup is always vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about your purchase. It's about time to give green its time to shine, so let's give it a whirl!

Lunar Tides Juniper Green Hair Dye Bottle

What in the World is Juniper Green?

From nature to literature, the word "juniper" is sprinkled just about everywhere. In nature, you can find the juniper tree. This tree is thought to represent strength, wisdom, usefulness and beauty. In Greek mythology, Juniper is the demigoddess daughter of Zeus and a Norse Valkyrie by the name of Sutr. On top of that, it's Lunar Tide's best-selling hair color. So yeah, Juniper is kinda a big deal. Juniper Green is a beautiful deep green shade, with subtle black undertones. It's perfect to complement or contrast any look you desire.

We're Magical Creatures 🦄

It's an innate human desire to want to look unique and express our personality and preferences through the way we dress and our hairstyle. The moment we step out of our front door to start our day, the first impression we give to the public is our outward appearance. Our visual aesthetic is the first greeting we give the world; it introduces who we are before we even open our mouths to speak. So why not dive into the wonderful world of Juniper green? to strike that first impression Juniper Green is a magical color; it symbolizes renewal, growth, and life. When we rock green hair, we can present the magic and beauty our personality overflows with. By experimenting with hair color, you can make a statement about who you are and what you stand for. It is a perfect strategy to express your boldness and willingness to try new things. Whatever you choose to express, Juniper Green is the way to go. Check out @onanafails for Juniper Green inspiration.

Model @aonanafails on Instagram wearing Lunar Tides Juniper Green hair dye.

It's Easy Being Green!

Juniper Green is a great option for those who want to dip their toes into the vibrant hair dye trend without sacrificing hair health. Green hair dye won’t damage your hair nearly as much as other brighter and more vibrant shades, so it is an easy way to temporarily change up your look! Got commitment issues? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, Lunar Tides hair dye is semi-permanent, so you can enjoy the exhilaration of transforming yourself without any commitments. Coloring your hair green is a great way to have some fun and be out of your comfort zone.

Here's the Truth...

Not convinced? No problem. Let's not just hear the hype for Juniper Green from mus but let's also hear reviews from fellow Juniper fanatics! Here' are some of Juniper' Green's rave reviews :)
"I love how it slowly fades from my hair. It keeps a beautiful deep green throughout washes"
"I’ve yet to find another brand that makes a green as dark and velvety as Lunar Tides"
"it’s exactly what I’ve always wanted when dyeing my hair green- the perfect deep forest color"

Ok, these reviews even have US wanting to drop everything we're doing and grab a bottle for ourselves.


Ok, yeah we know that saying yolo is totally 2016. But it still rings true!!! Life is too short for boring hair colors (colours for our British babes)!! Havin 'a bad day? Dye your hair. Unique date idea? Dye each other's hair. Need to quickly go undercover and hide your identity? DYE YOUR HAIR!!!! Juniper Green may not solve all your problems, but hey- it's a hell of a good start.

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