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Eyeliner Seal (Eyeshadow Elixir)

Eyeliner Seal (Eyeshadow Elixir)

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Turns Eye Dust, Eyeshadow and Cake Wet Eyeliner into an eyeliner or paint.

Suggested Usage:
Mix a few drops of Eyeliner Seal with product and apply immediately.

Instagram creator @silvermoon

Cruelty free, Made in USA

0.67 fl. oz
Ingredients: water, VP/VA Copolymer, Propylene Glycol.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Excited to try

I haven't successfully used it yet, but I can't wait to try it out ! Also received a cheek and lip stain as a freebie !

Amy Lewis
Miss the old packaging

Love the product, but the packaging has changed, and no longer has a dropper cap lid. I have already wasted way too much product on a new bottle as I am unable to only dispense a tiny amount at a time.

Hello Amy, I will pass this on to our team and let them know you prefer the old dropper style. It's good for us to hear customer feedback!

Easy to Apply!

There are so many things I love about this “eyeliner”! I use it with a black eyeshadow powder (also Medusa) and a thin brush. I love how easy it is to apply! I struggle with traditional eyeliner A LOT and often have to take off all my eye makeup and start from scratch. I’ve tried liquid eye liner, marker eye liner, gel. You name it, I’ve failed at using it! This one though, even I can manage! I can also get it closer to the corners of my eyes which makes my big blues even more doe eyed. In terms of application and appearance I give it a 5 out of 5.

There were a few negatives though. It’s really easy to get a major case raccoon eyes when you’re going for doe. Over the course of the night wearing it, it seems like the eye dust loosens and falls onto my cheeks. I have dry eyes and contacts that fall out when I rub my eyes so I don’t even think it’s anything I’m doing. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I have black under my eyes that I needed to clear away. It’s not major, just enough that I have to be aware.

Also, the packaging is not great! You need to use an eye dropper which is not included. Otherwise, it’s next to impossible to pour a small enough amount. Then you have to keep adding more dust unit it’s the right texture. In the end, I went through so much of both to get the consistency right when really I needed only a minuscule amount. It should really come with an eye dropper!

All in all though, I recommend this to anyone! Especially since a lot of us ladies are checking our makeup often enough to see the raccoon eye before anyone else would notice!

Allison Chadwick
This is awesome!

After reading the reviews I had to give this a try. It does what it says! It turns any shadow into an eyeliner and I love it!

Great unique product!

I've never heard of a product like this before and I was immediately interested! I'm blind in one eye so i find doing liquid liner really difficult, so i do my eyeliner with eyeshadow on a tiny angled brush and paint over it with the eyeliner seal on a small pencil brush. I couldn't ask for something to work more perfectly!!