Medusa's Makeup Sparkly red lip gloss with glitter mixed in on a models lips.

Your Ultimate Guide to Lip Gloss

Your Ultimate Guide to Lip Gloss

Let’s talk lips! Nowadays, lip Glosses aren’t all just in cheap squeeze tubes that feel way too heavy and sticky (yeah, you know the ones). There’s so much more to glosses than that $3 cherry scented gloss in shopping malls.There’s so many wonderful brands with wonderful formulas that can fit any and every style! So, let’s get glossy. Read on to discover the magic that is the world of lip gloss. And yeah, of course we’re going to mention some of our faves too. 

The Glossiest Styles of 2023

That eight year old drugstore gloss that so many moms’ have buried at the bottom of their purses? Probably not the trendiest style for 2023. So read on to get your gloss game up!

Sheer & Tinted

Medusa's makeup lip gloss want spreading a light sheer to pink lip gloss on a pink background with a shadow.

Maybe it’s just a me thing, but I LOVE having my lips looking like a glazed donut. 

Sometimes, you just gotta admit that looking like a confectionary good is where it’s at. A good sheer gloss used as a topper can amplify any lipstick already applied, to give a nice dimension or shine. But if you want something more subtle, tinted glosses have just enough pigment to give a beautiful wash of color to the lips. These glosses are perfect to accompany the y2k-esque style!

Shimmer & Glitter 

If you know anything about Medusa’s Makeup, you probably know that we are OBSESSED with anything sparkly and glittery. BUT! Shimmer and glitter have some differences! A shimmery gloss uses finely mulled pigments, to give a smooth lustrous look to the lips. A glitter gloss usually has a bit larger and chunkier glitter specs. So instead of your lips being one consistent shimmer, the glitter is much more noticeable and sporadic- like a diamond mine,  packing a bigger punch. 

Matte & Metallic 

Wait wait wait, you’re tellin’ me that matte and gloss can go together? Dang right they can! At Medusa’s Makeup, our Metal AF collection is a perfect example! Our metallic gloss dries to a long lasting matte finish, but the metallic inclusions give the appearance of shine, and gleam! 

Medusa's Makeup Metal Af in color Hells Bells modeled on lips

Our Fave Lip Gloss Collections

Want a master list of our best glosses? Look no further! Here’s our favorite glosses from Medusa’s Makeup.

I Heart Me: Our newest collection here at Medusa’s Makeup! With six different shades varying from a deep red to shimmery peach, it’ll be your new go to. Oh, and did we mention? All of our I Heart Me glosses are packed with Vitamin E. (Quick science lesson!! Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has great anti-inflammatory benefits, AND helps reduce UV-induced free radical damage! So like, it’s soothing and nourishing)

Disco Queen: Wanna feel like ABBA? Wanna feel like a dancing queen (young and sweet)? We gotcha covered with our seven Disco Queen glosses. Our best selling lip glosses are holographic to the max.  These ultra shimmery, mega glittery lip glosses will make you want to hit the town just to show off those light refracting lips. 

Metal AF: Here’s the matte glosses we mentioned earlier! On top of that, this collection is the epitome of metallic. Metallic, and matte. So like “mattellic”? Get it? Matte, and metallic? Anyway, these long-lasting glosses have been tested and proven by our team to not budge while headbanging or moshing. And hey, we gotta appreciate the Mötley Crüe reference for the shade "Girls Girls Girls".

Unicorn Duo: Definition of dynamic duo. You should thank your local unicorn for donating its sparkles to our Unicorn Farts and Unicorn Kiss glosses.

(Not So) Breaking News: Lip Gloss is Always a Trend

Did you know that lip gloss was invented in 1930, to enhance an actress’ appearance in black and white films? From there, lip gloss has continued to be at the forefront of beauty trends!

1977: The first ever lip gloss hit the market for consumers!

1976: The television series “Charlie’s Angels” was released, making voluptuous hair and glossy lips the newest buzz.

Charlies Angels Farrah Fawcett wearing shiny, glossy lip gloss.

1990’s: Miss Angelina Jolie’s iconic pout became alllll the rage, and fans either achieved the look via plastic surgery, or applying a clear gloss (plumping gloss had yet to hit the market).

2000: Our queen Britney Spears fell in love with Lancome’s timeless Juicy Tubes, so of course whatever Britney loves, so do we. 

Now in 2023, nearly every single cosmetic brand (including us!) has a lip gloss line, as now we know, having glossy lips is timeless. Thanks for taking the time to gloss over this article (yes, pun intended). No go out and get glossy!

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