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The Hottest Lipstick Colors of 2022

Author Sabrina Cooklin


The Hottest Lipstick Colors of 2022

Lipstick has been around for thousands of years. With thousands of colors to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right lipstick for the trends of the year. Even harder? Finding one that matches your undertones.


Today we’ll cover the hottest vegan lipstick hues of this year (2022) and where you can get them.


Trend Forecast

2022 has been a wild ride, and we’re only barely halfway through. Classic shades have remained popular. However, the classic red lip falls slightly behind, yet its wearers still radiate the classic femme fatale. Matte lipstick is still in style, but glossy and satin finishes are more comfortable to wear and often have a broader range of colors.


Nudes lipsticks never fail, but don’t be afraid to try out a hip, bold color that you wouldn’t normally wear. Just be sure to keep your eye makeup toned down when doing so.


Check out Byrdie’s 2022 Makeup Trend List to find out more about this year’s lipstick trends and how to match them with the rest of your makeup.


Wait, What’s an Undertone?

Before we get started, we want to make sure you’re well aware of your color palette and of which colors look good on you before you go around throwing your money just to be disappointed.


Try out this quick Popsugar quiz that helps you find out your undertone and the colors that look best on you.


Basic, Universally Flattering Shades

There are a couple of shades that simply look great on everybody. These colors take the guesswork out of finding your undertone, and you can throw them in your makeup bag for whatever occasion.

Sugar Daddy

@ingeradores wearing Sugar Daddy Lipstick

model @ingeradores

Looking for a pinkish nude that doesn’t make you look orange? This is it. The Sugar Daddy lipstick has been a best-seller for five straight years. It’s extremely hydrating and light, plus it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing lipstick! This shade truly gives that ‘your lips but better’ vibe.


This shade is universally flattering, but the pale redhead with greenish eyes community has found it especially exquisite.


Red Square

@paigesavill94 wearing Red Square Vegan Lipstick

model: @paigesavill94

Red Square is a neutral true red shade that looks great on everybody. It can be difficult to find a flattering red shade that doesn’t wash some undertones out, but this long-lasting lippie makes your complexion pop. Pair it with a classic black cat-eye for more drama, or keep it simple with a lengthening mascara.


For Warm Undertones

Summer is your season! People with warm undertones should stick to warm lipstick colors. This might limit your fun color options a bit. However, you have all of the classics, which never go out of style, and a select few trendy shades.


Devilish Vegan Lipstick

This toasty reddish mauve is an everyday favorite. This dark red lipstick has a buttery formula that glides onto the lips with full coverage and a slightly shimmery finish. Add some depth and edginess to your look without going overboard. More fun than a nude, but less risky than an electric blue!


This color would look stunning with a brown/gold or brown/silver smokey eye and some light falsies.


For Cool Undertones

Cool undertones find fun, bold colors easily, but finding the right nude can be harder. Winter colors are your friend, and you know how to rock them.



Yolo Lipstick

This adorable, icy pink is surprisingly wearable despite the bright color. It has much more pop than a classic nude but can be toned down with a few blots of tissue if you’re not feeling bold.


Pair with a gentle purple around the edges of the lips to add more dimension and a rosy blush.


Blue Moon

Blue Moon Vegan Lipstick

This is the color you’ve been waiting for. This slight cold blue adds an adorable light blue hue to the lips without being too much. This shade is perfect for an ice queen and is extremely pigmented. You can gently tap on the lips to create a cool sheen or do a full swipe for more coverage.


Be careful; Jack Frost might just fall in love with you. Pair this sustainable lip product with a basic mascara and/or a tiny wing. Keep it easy with the eyes to avoid overpowering your features.


How to Apply Lipstick Correctly

One of the most common mistakes when applying lipstick is actually in the prep work. Before sliding the color on, make sure that your lips are smooth and exfoliated. Our lipsticks are moisturizing, but having a smooth base makes the product look so much better.


Slightly overlining (seriously, very slightly) the upper lip and bottom lip with the tip of the lipstick will create the appearance of a larger pout without painful and expensive lip injections. Plus, you’ll have the perfect stencil to color in with the flat part of the makeup for a clean, crisp, sharp lip.


Once lined, start at the upper lip below the cupid’s bow and follow the natural arch of the lip to the inner corner. Repeat on the other side. Do the same thing on the bottom lip, following the curve of your mouth. Use some concealer to cover up any mistakes and get an even clearer finish.


Need more help? Check out this WikiHow article that goes step-by-step on how to apply lipstick without a liner.


Vegan, Cruelty-Free, High-Quality Lipsticks

Medusa’s Makeup is proud to present our lipstick collection with tons of new shades for warm, cool, and neutral people. Our buttery formulas are so creamy, rich, and unusually pigmented for a lipstick… and we did it all while staying vegan and cruelty-free!


Our vegan lipsticks are made with various natural waxes that easily glide on the lips (and stay there) and lock moisture in to avoid the notorious cracking and peeling that happens with some lip products.


When you buy lipsticks from Medusa’s Makeup, you can rest assured that your money will be well-spent. Check out our full lipstick collection and browse for your new go-to!

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