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Taking a Look Back at Groovy 1960s Makeup Trends

The 1960s was a transformative era marked by cultural revolutions and iconic style shifts. From the mod fashion scene to the rise of influential music and art movements, the 1960s left an indelible mark on history. One aspect that distinctly reflects the spirit of the '60s is the makeup trends of the time. In this article, we'll delve into the glamorous world of 1960s makeup, exploring the iconic looks that defined the decade and continue to inspire beauty enthusiasts today.


1. The Flawless Complexion: The Base of 1960s Beauty

In the 1960s, a flawless complexion was the canvas for the vibrant and experimental makeup looks of the era. The trend was all about achieving a matte finish, with foundation often applied more generously than in previous decades. Powder compacts were a must-have, and a matte, pale complexion became a symbol of sophistication.

2. Eyes that Captivate: The Rise of the Twiggy Look

The most iconic eye makeup look of the 1960s is undoubtedly the Twiggy look. Named after the famous British model Twiggy, this style featured dramatic, wide-eyed looks with long, thick lashes. False eyelashes became a staple, and women aimed to create a doll-like appearance with heavy mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Try out cluster lashes or a pair of faux mink lashes, with a coat of Witch Lash Mascara to achieve that heavy mascara look.


3. Eyeliner Drama: The Cat Eye and Beyond

The 1960s was the era of the cat eye, and black eyeliner became a powerful tool for expressing individuality. The dramatic winged eyeliner look was embraced by fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. The application extended beyond the natural lash line, creating a bold and alluring effect that defined the eyes. Don't fret if you aren't skilled with liquid liner-- we have an eyeliner stamp pen that can do the hard work for you.


4. Pop of Color: Eyeshadows and Bold Hues

While neutral tones were popular for the base, the 1960s also saw the introduction of vibrant eyeshadow colors. Pastels, blues, and greens were popular choices, often applied in a more rounded shape on the eyelids. The eyeshadow became a statement piece, complementing the overall bold and daring spirit of the decade. Try the greens and blues from the Electro Eyeshadow Palette to achieve the mod eye look of your dreams.


5. Rosy Cheeks and Nude Lips: The Subtle Balance

In contrast to the bold eye makeup, the cheeks and lips were often kept more understated. Rosy, flushed cheeks were achieved with pink or peach blush, giving a youthful and healthy glow. Nude lips were in vogue, with pale pink or peachy tones dominating the lipstick palette. The focus on the eyes allowed for a harmonious balance in the overall makeup look. Pinky Swear is the perfect everyday blush to accentuate your eye look.


6. Au Naturale: The No-Makeup Makeup Look

While the 1960s embraced drama and bold statements, there was also a rise in the appreciation of natural beauty. Some women opted for a more subdued, "no-makeup" makeup look, with a focus on enhancing their features without the theatrical elements.



The 1960s was a revolutionary time for makeup, with bold experimentation and a departure from traditional beauty norms. From the iconic Twiggy look to the dramatic cat eye, the era's makeup trends continue to influence and inspire beauty enthusiasts today. Whether you're drawn to the bold and theatrical or the understated and natural, the 1960s offers a diverse range of looks that showcase the timeless beauty of this transformative decade.
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