Everything You Need to Know About Glitter Eyeshadow

Everything You Need to Know About Glitter Eyeshadow

All that glitters is golden. One of the easiest ways to elevate your makeup look is with a touch of glitter. With just one swipe of a sparkly eyeshadow, you can transition your look from day to night. Every makeup bag needs a glitter eyeshadow palette or a signature glitter shade.

ELLE Magazine has named glitter eyeshadows one of the biggest makeup trends for 2022. With spring and summer right around the corner, it’s time to up our eyeshadow game. You can thank shows like Euphoria for making us all fall head over heels for metallic and neon glitters.

At Medusa’s Makeup, our glitter eyeshadow is cruelty-free and vegan, making it kind to your skin, our furry friends, and the world around us. We’re sharing everything you need to know about glitter eyeshadow – from how to apply it to why biodegradable glitter is a must-have.

How to use glitter eyeshadow

When you’re using glitter eyeshadow, it’s all about getting the best pigmentation. Whether you’re using it on your lash line or all over your eyelid, you want the glitter to sparkle. Loose glitter will always give you the best results.

We recommend using a little of our ‘The Fix’ glitter adhesive. This all-natural clear vegan wax prevents fall-out and helps enhance the pigment of your glitter. It’ll give you 6-8 hours of wear without creasing or fallouts.

If you need your glitter eyeshadow to last all day long, you can apply an eyeshadow primer and neutral shade before going in with your loose glitter. It all depends on your eyeshadow look. If you’re going all over your crease, you can start building the pigment right away with your finger.

For a more precise and pigmented application, you want to use a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Spray a little of our ‘Magical Makeup’ setting spray or water onto the brush before dipping it into your loose glitter and packing it onto the brush. Instead of applying it in a back-and-forth motion, press the glitter onto the area you want.

Your loose glitter should be the last eyeshadow shade that you apply, whether you’re wearing it solo or with a smoky eye. Finish off with eyeliner and a coat of mascara to brighten your eyes.

If you’re using loose glitter, it’s best to do your eyeshadow look first. It means you can easily brush away any fallout. If you’re applying your loose eyeshadow over your foundation and face makeup, use a loose powder under your eyes. ‘Magical Makeup’ is your best friend to keep your makeup – and glitter – looking flawless all day.

Using glitter eyeshadow on your face and lips

What makes our loose glitter different is that it’s safe to use on your lips and face. No festival look is complete without face glitter. It’s also a fun way to try something new on a night out.

Our vegan formula means you can dab your loose glitter on top of liquid lipsticks for extra sparkle. If you’re heading to a festival or concert, channel your inner party girl with glitter on your cheekbones. Our loose glitter pots are the ultimate ride and die.  

If you’re applying loose glitter on your cheekbones, apply ‘The Fix’ as a base and stick with 1-2 shades for easy application. Start with your brightest glitter first before blending out with your lighter tone for an ombre look.

When you’re applying loose glitter on your lips, start with a lip scrub to give you a smooth base before applying our tinted lip balm. You want to use your lipstick as a base. Choose one with a hydrating formula in a nude shade for brighter glitters. If you’re using neutral glitter – like our ‘Heavy Metal’ shade – choose your signature dark shade.

You want to apply your loose glitter onto your lips the same way as your glitter eyeshadow. Get the brush wet with a setting spray before pressing the pigment to your lips. Use a concealer to clean up the edges and give you a sharper line.

Our favorite glitter eyeshadow looks

What we love about glitter is that you can keep it subtle or go all out.

If you’re experimenting with glitter makeup for the first time, balance it out with a glossy lip. Vanessa Hudgens recently rocked this look with a flawless base. It shows just how much glitter eyeshadow can elevate your look. Adding loose glitter to your makeup guarantees that all eyes are on you.

Euphoria is the show that everyone is talking about right now. We’re predicting that glitter eyeshadow looks are going to be the go-to look for spring/summer 2022. Zendaya’s character, Rue, went viral for her pastel metallic eyeshadow looks.

You can make this glitter makeup look your own by experimenting with shades of purple and midnight blue. Our shades ‘luscious’, ‘space cadet’, ‘nagel’, ‘rapture’, and ‘cosmopolitan’ will add a Euphoria touch to your makeup bag.  You can recreate Zendaya’s makeup by smudging the glitter under your lower lash line and creating a flawless and dewy glow for the rest of your look. Our ‘Halo Glow’ in Aura will instantly brighten your complexion.

Why you should buy biodegradable glitter

As a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand, we use 100% biodegradable mineral glitter. Most of the glitter you’ll find in the makeup industry is non-biodegradable. We all know about the importance of reducing single-use plastic and the damage it causes to our oceans.

If you’ve ever watched a David Attenborough documentary, you know the harm that plastic is doing to our oceans and wildlife. The glitter that many brands use contains microplastics, that find their way into the ocean and end up back into our food chain. What makes biodegradable glitter different is that its components easily break down and limit its environmental footprint.

When you buy our loose glitter, you’re choosing a beauty product that is kinder to your skin, our furry friends, and the planet. Turn your makeup bag vegan and cruelty-free by exploring our best-selling products here.
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