Channeling Taylor Swift's Iconic Eras: Fun Makeup Looks for the Eras Tour

Channeling Taylor Swift's Iconic Eras: Fun Makeup Looks for the Eras Tour

Taylor Swift is a true chameleon when it comes to her music and style. Throughout her career, she has taken us through a whirlwind of eras, each accompanied by a unique sound and distinct fashion choices. As Swifties eagerly anticipate her 'Midnights' album tour, it's the perfect time to celebrate her past eras and recreate some of her most iconic makeup looks. In this blog post, we'll guide you through fun makeup looks inspired by Taylor Swift's journey from her self-titled debut to the 'Midnights' era.

1. The Debut Era: Innocent Beauty

Taylor Swift's self-titled debut album showcased her youthful innocence, and her makeup was no exception. To capture the essence of this era, start with a clean, fresh face and opt for a soft, rosy blush like a Cheeky Heart Blush to give your cheeks a natural flush. Swift often wore minimal eye makeup, so keep it simple with a neutral eyeshadow and mascara. Finish the look with a swipe of sheer, glossy lip balm for that perfect "girl next door" charm.

2. Fearless Era: Sparkling Eyes

As Taylor transitioned into her 'Fearless' era, she embraced a more sophisticated look while maintaining her signature sweetness. Focus on creating sparkling eyes by using shimmery eyeshadows in earthy tones like Rising Sun or Bronze Age. Don't forget to wing out your eyeliner for a subtle cat-eye effect. Taylor often wore a bright red lip during this time, making it the centerpiece of her makeup look. Find a red lipstick shade that complements your skin tone and apply it with precision.


3. Speak Now Era: Vintage Glam

For the 'Speak Now' era, Taylor Swift embraced vintage-inspired looks that exuded glamour and sophistication. To recreate this makeup look, start with a flawless base and matte foundation. The eyes are the focal point here, so go for a bold cat-eye with Witchy Liner and add dramatic false lashes like Medusa's Makeup Faux Mink Lashes in Divine. Deep red lips, reminiscent of classic Hollywood, complete this glamorous look.

4. Red Era: Classic Red Lip

The 'Red' era was all about passion and intensity, and Taylor's makeup reflected that. Go for a classic red lip like Whoopie that matches the album's title, and pair it with a subtle smokey eye. Use warm-toned eyeshadows like burgundy and bronze to create depth and dimension. Don't forget to contour your cheekbones for added drama.


5. 1989 Era: Bold and Playful

As Taylor Swift ventured into the '1989' era, she embraced a bold and playful style. To channel this look, opt for a pop of color on your eyes with vibrant eyeshadows like teal, pink, or electric blue. Try our Baked Eyeshadow in Surf to achieve the perfect bright blue. Add a bold winged eyeliner for a touch of drama. Keep the lips soft and pink to balance the colorful eyes. Don't be afraid to experiment with fun and unique eyeliner shapes, such as double wings or graphic lines.

6. Reputation Era: Dark and Mysterious

Taylor's 'Reputation' era was marked by its dark and mysterious vibe. Create this edgy look with a smudged, smokey eye using charcoal and black eyeshadows. To achieve this grungy look, use our Eye Dust in Helter Skelter. Apply plenty of mascara for a dramatic effect. Keep the lips muted with a matte nude shade. Finish by contouring your face to achieve a sculpted look.

7. Lover Era: Romantic Elegance

For Taylor Swift's 'Lover' era, the focus was on romantic elegance. Start with soft and natural-looking makeup, emphasizing rosy cheeks and a subtle shimmer on the eyelids. Use a soft pink or coral lip color like Whip or Shag and keep the overall look soft and dreamy.

8. Midnights Era: Cosmic Glam

As we enter the 'Midnights' era, Taylor Swift is embracing cosmic and ethereal vibes. To capture this look, experiment with metallic eyeshadows in shades of midnight blue, silver, and deep purples. Create a galaxy-inspired eye look with shimmer and glitter. Try our metallic glitters or Glittergasm in FOMO for the perfect cosmic look. Finish with a bold, dark lip color and plenty of highlighter to give your skin a celestial glow.


Taylor Swift's journey through various eras has given us a treasure trove of makeup inspiration. Whether you're attending her 'Midnights' album tour or just want to pay homage to her iconic looks, these makeup ideas will help you channel the spirit of each era. Remember, makeup is a form of self-expression, so don't be afraid to have fun and make these looks your own. Swifties, it's time to embrace your inner Taylor and shine like the superstar you are!
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