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Blushing Through Time: A History of Blush Makeup and Timeless Blush Looks

Blush, that subtle touch of color that adorns the cheeks, has been an essential element of makeup routines for centuries. From ancient civilizations to modern beauty trends, the history of blush is as colorful as the product itself. In this journey through time, we'll explore the origins of blush and uncover some clever blush makeup looks that have stood the test of time.

A Rosy Glow Through the Ages

The use of blush dates back to ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt, both men and women applied a mixture of red ochre and water to their cheeks, giving them a radiant and healthy appearance. Similarly, in ancient Greece and Rome, various natural ingredients like crushed berries, flower petals, and even crushed insects were used to achieve that rosy flush.

During the Renaissance, pale skin was considered a sign of beauty and wealth, so women often resorted to creative means to achieve a "flushed" look. They used pinching techniques, slapping their cheeks gently, or even biting their lips and cheeks to create a natural blush. This desire for a delicate flush of color led to the invention of cosmetics specifically for that purpose.

In the Victorian era, cream and powder blushes gained popularity. Ingredients like crushed flowers and minerals were still commonly used, but they were now more refined and convenient for everyday use. The early 20th century witnessed the emergence of cinema and the iconic Hollywood glamour. Actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn became style icons, often seen with perfectly blushed cheeks. This era saw the introduction of new blush formulas, including cream-to-powder compacts and liquid blushes. The shades also diversified, catering to a wider range of skin tones.


Model wearing a Victorian inspired makeup look with butterflies in her hair

Timeless Blush Looks for the Perfect Flush

  1. The Fresh-Faced Glow

Perfect for: Everyday wear, casual outings, and natural looks.

Achieving a fresh-faced look with blush is all about subtlety. Opt for a soft, peachy or rosy shade that mimics the natural flush of your cheeks. Use a fluffy brush to lightly apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending it gently upward towards your temples. This look enhances your natural beauty, giving you a youthful and radiant appearance. Try one of our Halo Glow Face Sticks for a fresh-faced glow. They're available as a bundle and individually. This product can be applied to the cheeks, eyelids, or lips for seamless dewy look. We also love to use the Baked Eyeshadow in Girl Bye for a glowy cheek look.


model wearing a simple flush of blush and a winged eyeliner

  1. The Sun-Kissed Radiance

Perfect for: Spring and summer days, beach vacations, and outdoor events.

To achieve a sun-kissed glow, choose a warm, coral-toned blush. Apply the blush slightly higher on your cheeks than the previous look, extending it towards your temples. This technique mimics the effect of the sun hitting your face, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion. Don't forget to blend well to avoid any harsh lines. Our Peachy Keen Sweet Cheeks Blush has the perfect warm tone to achieve this look!

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  1. The Sculpted Chic

Perfect for: Defined cheekbones, evening events, and parties.

For a more contoured and structured look, opt for a matte blush that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Apply the blush slightly below your cheekbones, blending it upwards towards your temples. This technique adds dimension to your face and accentuates your bone structure, creating an elegant and sophisticated appearance. We recommend using our Sweet Cheeks Blush in Double Dare or something a bit darker than your skin tone for this flushed look.

model is wearing a bubblegum pink blush all over the cheeks and matching pink eye look

  1. The Rosy Flush

Perfect for: Romantic dinners, dates, and weddings.

A classic rosy flush is achieved by using a cool-toned pink or berry blush. Our Cheeky Heart Blush in Sweet Pea fits the bill for this vibe! Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, and then gently sweep it across your cheekbones. This look adds a touch of romance and brings out the natural rosiness in your complexion, making you look effortlessly charming.

Medusa's Makeup Cheeky Heart Blush product photo
  1. The Dramatic Pop

Perfect for: Nighttime events, parties, and bold makeup looks.

When you're aiming for a dramatic effect, a highly pigmented blush in a vibrant shade is your go-to. Choose colors like deep red, intense coral, or bright fuchsia. Apply the blush with a light hand, gradually building up the intensity until you achieve your desired level of drama. This look is all about making a statement and owning your uniqueness. Opt for a Cheeky Heart Blush in the shade Darling for a warm coral pop of color on the cheeks.

model wearing a coral orange blush and matching lipstick

Blushing into the Future

As beauty trends continue to evolve, blush remains a timeless element of makeup routines. From its ancient roots to the innovative hacks of today, blush has adapted and thrived across cultures and eras. So, whether you're embracing a vintage pinch technique or experimenting with the latest cream-to-powder formulas, the history of blush reminds us that a touch of color on the cheeks can truly transcend time.
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