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A Century of Lipstick Trends: From Roaring Twenties to Modern Chic

Lipstick has long been a staple in the world of beauty and fashion, evolving with the times and reflecting the cultural and societal shifts of each era. Over the past ten decades, lipstick trends have come and gone, from bold and glamorous to subtle and understated. Let's take a journey through the iconic lipstick trends that have graced the lips of women (and even some men) over the last century.

1920s: The Roaring Red

The 1920s marked the era of the flapper and the birth of modern makeup. Women rebelled against Victorian ideals and embraced a more carefree lifestyle. The iconic 'Cupid's bow' lip shape was popularized, with deep red lipsticks symbolizing empowerment and rebellion. The lips were often painted in a heart-shaped bow, giving a seductive and youthful appearance. Our Creamy Satin Lipstick in Red Square is the perfect homage to the iconic red lip of the 1920s.


1930s: Hollywood Glamour

The 1930s brought with it the golden age of Hollywood, and with that, a shift towards sophistication and elegance. Deep, rich berry shades and classic reds were the stars of the decade. Actresses like Jean Harlow and Bette Davis made crimson lips a symbol of sophistication and femininity. For the perfect Golden Age pout, try our Creamy Satin Lipstick in Fired Up.



1940s: War-Time Resilience

During World War II, lipstick became a symbol of morale and resilience. With resources scarce, women turned to creative solutions, using beetroot and food coloring to create makeshift lip colors. Classic reds and subtle pinks remained popular, often matched with natural, minimal makeup looks. The Tinted Lip Balm in Hustle is a fuss free, easy way to get that tinted look of the 40s.



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1950s: Graceful Coral

The 1950s embraced the polished and poised beauty ideal. Pastel and coral shades of lipstick, complemented by flawless complexion and carefully groomed eyebrows, were the go-to look. This era also saw the rise of the iconic red lip paired with winged eyeliner, as popularized by Marilyn Monroe. Our best-selling Liquid Matte Lipstick Shag is a perfect pop of coral. Top with a light gloss for a more satin finish.



model wearing a 1950s hair and makeup look with coral lipstick

1960s: Pop Art Lips

The swinging 60s marked a departure from the traditional, with experimental and bold makeup styles. Bright, unconventional colors like orange, hot pink, and even white took center stage. The mod culture brought about abstract and geometric lip designs, pushing boundaries and embracing individuality. For that '60s mod look, try our hot pink lipstick in the shade Yolo.



1970s: Earthy and Natural

The 1970s saw a move towards natural beauty. Earthy tones like browns, terracottas, and soft pinks were favored. The disco era also brought in glossy and shimmering lip finishes, reflecting the glamorous and carefree vibes of the dance floor. Our Disco Queen Lip Glosses are the perfect way to get in that 70's mood.


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1980s: Power Pouts

The 1980s were all about excess and self-expression. Bold and intense colors like electric blues, purples, and deep burgundies took over. Power suits and bold lips were symbols of women entering the workforce and breaking glass ceilings. The era also introduced matte lipstick formulations that lasted all day. Our Liquid Matte Lipstick in Fetish really showcases self-expression and boldness.



1990s: Grunge and Minimalism

The 1990s brought about a stark contrast to the vibrant 80s. Grunge culture influenced the lipstick trends, with brown-toned lip colors and a relaxed approach to makeup application. The "your lips but better" look was popularized, with neutral hues and lip liners. Medusa's Makeup Creamy Satin Lipstick in Tamed is the ideal grungy tone for your 90's vibe.



2000s: Glossy Obsession

The turn of the millennium brought a revival of glamorous gloss. Lip glosses in various shades were a staple in every makeup bag. Popular colors included sheer pinks and peaches, often paired with frosted eyeshadows and glittery accessories. Check out our I Heart Me Glosses for that ultra-shiny look!



2010s: The Matte Revolution

Matte lipsticks made a major comeback in the 2010s. Bold and long-lasting matte formulations dominated the scene, ranging from classic reds to unconventional blues and purples. Kylie Jenner's lip kits helped propel the trend of overlining lips for a plumper look. Any of our Liquid Matte Lipsticks fit the bill perfectly for the 2010s pout, but we really love the shade Oh Bondage for the iconic mauve look of the decade.


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2020s: Diverse Expression

As we step into the 2020s, the focus is on individuality and inclusivity. Lipstick trends are as diverse as the people wearing them. Classic reds and neutrals still have their place, while unconventional shades and artistic lip designs continue to gain popularity through social media platforms. Express yourself with a Metal AF Lip Gloss or keep it simple with the Medusa's Makeup Unicorn Farts Lip Sparkle lip balm.



In conclusion, lipstick trends have traversed a century of change, mirroring societal shifts and women's changing roles. From the rebellious reds of the 1920s to the diverse and expressive trends of today, lipstick has remained a powerful tool for self-expression, confidence, and cultural reflection. As we look ahead, it's exciting to imagine how lipstick trends will continue to evolve and surprise us in the decades to come.


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